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The growing trend of healthy cooking may be dangerous for your Health

where to order Depakote online The Western World is turning towards healthy cooking: families, restaurants and even cities, such as Barcelona, have adopted a “green trend”. However, changing your eating habits suddenly, without knowing the basics of a vegetarian diet, can make you ill.

Patricia, a herbal nutritionist and founder of, says that more and more people are switching to vegetarianism. Patricia considers that eating vegetables, nuts and cereals how to buy atarax is a philosophy of life and that everyone that wishes to embrace it should attend workshops or talk to a specialist who knows about its benefits. Not only for health, that is very important, but also to deepen this change that will bring peace and balance to their lives.

Veg-Friendly Craze

A new generation of cooking blogs has appeared on the internet aiming to teach how to eat well, with a lot more information than just recipes. Websites, such as or, include a category on healthy cooking. Major broadcasters also publish them, such as, cooking channel or

Barcelona declares itself "Veg friendly city"

There is so much interest, that imdur tablets 60mg Barcelona has declared itself “veg-friendly” city, an interesting tourism branding strategy that targets visitors who spend considerable sums of money at upmarket vegan or vegetarian restaurants and at handmade or artisan shops.  They bring nearly as much money as the luxury goods industry.

The Dangers of Fads

However, making sudden changes to eating habits can be dangerous. First and foremost, abrupt changes in your diet can cause nutritional deficiencies that can lead to illness. It’s also very easy to lapse back into your old “bad eating habits”, because the body has not had enough time to adjust to the changes.

Eating healthy means not buying “junk food” or sweets and not cooking with refined flour, which is not that easy. It means following a diet that includes pulses, cereals, vegetables, seeds and nuts and learning how to prepare them properly in order to get the most of its nutrients, especially when animal protein is replaced with vegetable protein. Most seeds, for instance, don’t provide enough calcium as an alternative to dairy products, if they have not been ground or soaked for a few hours before. It is necessary to know this and a lot more in order to follow a healthy diet that does not cause any pathology.

The Power of Big Changes

With the “luring effect” of colourful smoothies and healthy food going mainstream, new brands and stores attract many newbies drawn by novelty without much information. Bottled green juices, for instance, are being sold despite having lost all of its vitamins and health properties but people who drink these bottled juices may stop searching for these nutrients in other products.

Vegan meal

However, if all humans went vegetarian, millions of deaths could be prevented every year, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced and it would save a lot of money in healthcare, as published by the Independent.

All in all, healthy cooking has come to stay, and it may be bring some habit changes that can teach the world to stay away from fads.

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