Food Innovation

Citizens Promote Food Innovation

Local and international events nurture Food Innovation, as well as citizen gatherings and changing household behaviours.

Smartcityapphack also includes, besides all the different options that offers, go here urban shopping. There is an important innovation window in creating pre-shopping apps to find out about new shops and products and to check prices and offers. There are also apps for the shopping process and for post-shopping to share the experience. buy Phenytoin online no prescription A well designed shopping app helps making decisions, shopping and getting the best value for money, connecting to local stores, giving physical and virtual solutions, creating sustainable projects and encouraging social shopping, etc.

Urban apps also offer opportunities to street artists, to discover local culture and to give personalised ideas. They trigger change and are a way to expand gastronomic innovation and traditional local cuisine.

Local Events to Promote Food Innovation

Besides this great city hackathon, Smartcityapphack, there are many local events in several cities organised by innovation organisations. For instance, FOODBIZ+ series prepare a monthly program of online conversations between FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig and food industry experts to explore the latest opportunities- and threats- in food business.

In Barcelona, the first FoodBiz Series launches in July 2016 with a free event: “Present and Future of Food Disruption with Stanford University”, organised by Reimagine Food, a ground-breaking disruptive centre, and Esade Business School. Their main objective is to discuss about the new types of business models in food funds and investment introduced by the uprising innovation movement in the food and beverage industry.

There are more upcoming international events such as Sial Innovation, Food Trends and Innovations that will take place in Paris in October. It will focus in discovering the most innovative food products and analysing consumer trends; the New Product Conference in Naples, which is about the future of food; the 2016 Food Innovation Asian Conference, focused in sustainable global prosperity and the Asia Australia Food Innovations that has already taken place. It was about the way process value-added foods have been redefined.

Curiosity and urban needs

Checking out events from websites such as Eventbrite, there are some ideas for less ambitious projects that are created to connect small everyday innovators. There also are conferences and workshops for culinary content creators, such as Living Foods, Seafood Stories, and monthly meetings in Meetup like The FoodMob or LabCuina.

Instagram shows that there is an actual real worry in households for not wasting food, for eating healthy and for cooking quick and easy recipes but sill appealing dishes. People want to find new culinary ideas and new ingredients and to learn more about human nutrition. This is what food innovation is, and it has just started.

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